Website building

Website unlike a store or a shop is open round the clock. A marketing executive will stop working for you but your website will be live and keep advertising your product.
Why HTML & CSS for a website building?
Apps like dream weaver are fine but HTML provides better control over a process as a result you will create a better website. An HTML website is more secure interface and safe from malware and fishing.  HTML website dose not crash due to better security.

A course in website building focuses on:

  • User friendly interface: UI/UX design
  • A logical roadmap
  • Quality web content preparation
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Social media integration
  • Optimizing web page speed
  • Web page compatibility
  • Search engine optimization friendly website
  • Good hosting

Normal Track

Course Duration: 1 Year

Schedule: 2 Hours/ 5 Days a week

Fast Track Course

Duration: 6 months

Schedule: 4 Hours/ 5 Days a week

According to daily mail u.s.a.  Every 60 seconds 1422tb of data is accessed on internet.

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