SAP Hana

This course SAP HANA training will ensure you get a good grasp over SAP-HANA and it’s fundamental. You will learn and deploy real-time analytics. SAP-HANA is an application that is used for gathering real time insights of in memory database.In this training you will learn about SAP HANA Studio, Modeling, Security features and various other aspects. You will understand features of SAP HANA as a different database engine.


  • Getting started with SAP HANA
  • Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Non- application server ABAP-based scenarios
  • Transformations in SAP HANA
  • HANA studio modeler
  • Hana search types
  • SAP BO Analysis
  • Important rules of model validation
  • Ensuring backup and recovery
  • Techniques of storage
  • User management provisioning and connections
  • Privileges and managing connections
  • Calculated attributes
  • Creation and calculation views
  • Data provision
  • ABAP data flow
  • Configure and monitor dashboard
  • SAP HANA project
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