Python is a purposeful programming language that is becoming more and more popular.  In our Python class, you will learn about powerful ways to store and manipulate data as well as cool data science tools to start your own analyses.On completion of a course with digitechmate you will be able to Identify & characterize a problem in python. You will be able to Design a program to solve that problem using python. You will be getting a real experience of creating an executable code, read most Python codes and able to deduce the outcomes.


  • Topic 1-Introduction
  • Topic 2-gitHub, Functions, Booleans and Modules
  • Topic 3Sequences, Iteration and String Formatting
  • Topic 4 Dictionaries, Sets, and Files
  • Topic 5: Exceptions, Testing, Comprehensions
  • Topic 6: Advanced Argument Passing, Lambda — functions as objects
  • Topic 7: Object Oriented Programming
  • Topic 8: More OO — Properties, Special methods
  • Topic 9: Iterators, Iterables, and Generators
  • Topic 10: Decorators,
  • Context Managers
  • Regular Expressions
  • Wrap Up
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