Magnet is a popular CMS based e-commerce platform launched I n 2008. It was build using Zend framework developed by Varien presently owned by eBay It is known for its amazing flexibility and control. It is a great platform for e-commerceA Magento CMS course at DigiTechMate is a complete training course focuses on the practical aspects of website development. This training course is spread across two months duration. On course completion students will become expert in identifying the current state of e-commerce, planning, designing & customizing websites as well as increase traffic on site using Magento, features.


Getting Started

  • Introduction of Magento CMS
  • Installing the Server or Localhost
  • Installing Magento with or without Sample Data
  • Exploring Magento Interface
  • Features of Magento
  • Benefits of Using Magento
  • Industry inclination for magneto
  • Touring My Account Dashboard
  • How to Get Support from Magento Community

Setting up Your Store with Magento CMS

  • Setting Up Your Store Options
  • Setting Up New Products
  • Understanding Product Types
  • Working with Pricing (Tiered Pricing, Special Pricing, etc.)
  • Managing Product Categories
  • Setting up Checkout Options
  • Adjusting Tax Settings
  • Working with Shipping Methods
  • Taking Your Store Live

Customizing Your Store in Magento CMS

  • Adding Pages to Your Store
  • Working with Blocks & Widgets
  • Changing Page Layouts
  • Adding Links to the Navigation Bar
  • Adding Products to the Homepage
  • Working with Themes
  • Using a Custom Domain Name

Creating your own Theme in Magento

  • Exploring Magento Template System
  • Understanding the directory and file structure for Magento
  • Deciding a better approach to customize or create a Theme
  • Working with Page Templates, Layouts, and Block Templates
  • Creating Your own Structural Blocks in Magento
  • Assigning Content Blocks using Various Approaches in Magento
  • Creating Your Own Default Theme

Creating Basic Extension in Magento

  • Extensions Structure for Magento
  • Understanding MVC in Magento
  • General OOP and MVC Concepts
  • Event-driven Architecture
  • Magento Module-based Architecture
  • Magento Directory Structure/ Naming Conventions/ Code Pools/ Namespaces/ Module Structure
  • Understanding Class Overrides in Magento
  • Dealing with Event Observer
  • Module Naming Conventions and Best Practices
  • Code Setup and Configuration
  • Creating Module Configuration File
  • Handling Controller Dispatch
  • Testing and Troubleshooting

Setting Up Payment Gateways in Magento CMS

  • Exploring Payment Methods
  • Understanding Payment Gateways
  • Setting Up PayPal Payments
  • Setting Up Payments
  • Setting Up Google Checkout
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