This is a course for desktop publishing, and is called as In-Design. It is used for products like banners, flyers, Newspapers, magazines, and books. This content is best for tablets and desktops. This course will prepare you to make excellent posters pamphlets etc.

Course outline

  • Introduction to InDesign
  • Key features
  • Tools and techniques
  • Frame adjustments
  • How to edit texts, insert tables, graphics, etc.
  • Self-adjusting layouts with the help of gap tools and auto fit
  • understand self-adjusting layouts with the help of gap tools and auto fit
  • managing transparency
  • controlling texts
  • managing texts designing documents
  • Utilizing tablets and managing the environment of the In-Design
  • Utilization of the gradients, swatches and colors.
  • creating Acrobat PDF files
  • Managing styles, managing long documents,
  • Developing paths
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