Bootstrap is a CSS framework used to build pages faster.The styling and presentation of your website is an important task as it plays major role in giving your customer an awesome experience. Bootstrap provides you with tools and features that enables you to make a website for different sized screens like mobile, tablet and computer.


Bootstrap Scaffolding

  • About bootstrap
  • Why Bootstrap?
  • Including Bootstrap
  • Customizing install
  • Responsive Design
  • The “container” class
  • How Grids work in Bootstrap
  • Grid classes (.col-xs-, .col-sm-, .col-md-, .col-lg-)
  • Adding offsets to columns
  • Pushing and pulling columns
  • Nesting columns
  • Navigation components
  • Navigation bars
  • Jumbotron component

Page Components

  • Headers
  • Panels
  • List Group
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Labels
  • Buttons
  • Glyphicons (with buttons, toolbars and form inputs)
  • Wells

Page Components: Forms

  • Creating forms
  • Inline and horizontal forms
  • Form validation

Bootstrap Plugins

  • Alert Messages
  • Buttons and button groups
  • Scroll Spy
  • Tabs
  • Collapse
  • Carousel
  • Modal

Extending Bootstrap with Custom Plugins

  • Bootbox.js
  • Date Time Picker
  • Font Awesome
  • Off-Canvas
  • Image Gallery
  • Social Buttons
  • Sweet Alert
  • Yamm3 Mega Menu

Under the Hood and More Practice

  • Reviewing the Bootstrap CSS source code
  • Building another Bootstrap web page from scratch
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