Adobe flash

Adobe flash has a wide range of sophisticated features that allows a developer freedom of choosing any special effect to their images and videos.A course in adobe flash can make you proficient in moving that image from one place to another, changing the size of the image, rotating the image, Changing the color or brightness of the image, etc.


  • Introduction to Flash Professional CC
  • Understanding the Flash workspace
  • Creating and saving files
  • Organizing assets with the Library
  • Setting attributes in the Property inspector
  • Placing objects on the Stage
  • Testing the movie to preview a se
  • quence
  • Publishing files

Graphics and symbols.

  • Drawing and editing vector shapes
  • Selecting, manipulating, arranging, and grouping vector objects
  • Scaling, rotating, and skewing objects
  • Importing image files
  • Creating symbols
  • Applying filters and effects
  • Drill down (optional): Graphic effects learning guide for Flash

Timeline animation

  • Working with the Timeline
  • Manipulating key frames in the Timeline
  • Creating animation using motion tweens & frame-by-frame animations
  • Creating shape tweens
  • Working with the Motion Editor and applying easing

Interactive buttons.

  • Making button symbols
  • Updating the appearance of button components
  • Understanding mouse events
  • Create Flash games
  • Building Timeline navigation
  • Delivering mobile content

Making a digital video.

  • Recording, editing, and importing audio tracks
  • Preparing video with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Importing video clips
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